Exciting 2019 home extensions to view and admire

We, at Mint Builders are looking forward to a successful busy year or exciting home extension, renovation and refurbishment projects. We were engaged in Cheltenham and the Cotswolds on an exciting array of projects in 2018…. and we are set for me of the same it seems – good news!

We are, of course, always on the lookout for what’s new exciting and ingenious in the home extension marketplace and our Editor has just tracked back with the excellent dezeen.com for a sneaky online look at the 37 projects on the short-list for this year’s Dezeen Don’t Move, Improve! Awards – a programme that champions creative and innovative home extension and renovation projects across London. Check it all out …worth a look for sure right here..London’s best home-improvement project of 2019


The short-list is impressive indeed and so ingenious, attractive and cost effective. If you are looking to extend in Cheltenham and the Cotswolds for 2019, you’ll spot dorm great ideas to stimulate your ‘grey matter’ planning. The list includes a loft library, a converted chapel and a Japanese-inspired flat.


There are other stylish projects in the running too including a self-built extension to a dairy cottage, a revamped water tower and a metal-clad extension that doubles the size of a 1980s terrace. A woodworker’s studio, an extension under a driveway and a zero-waste renovation also made this year’s short-list.

ninth year

Dezeen is media partner for Don’t Move, Improve! which is now in its ninth year. The contest was open to any house extension or improvement project completed in the last two years, in any one of London’s 33 boroughs.


This year’s judging panel, chaired by NLA founder Peter Murray, consisted of Dezeen editor Amy Frearson, architect Carl Turner, Ash Sakula co-founder Cany Ash, journalist Philippa Stockley, and Jo McCafferty of Levitt Bernstein. The judges said that the standard of entries was higher than ever this year. Trends they identified included use of natural materials, introduction of colour, and creatively designed ceilings and roofs.


Says Philippa,”It’s good to see a trend of gentle experimentation with sustainable natural substances, particularly brick and wood, and of homes being extended in ways that revolve around their owners’ lives, resulting in something both idiosyncratic and full of character. To make this happen, architects are really listening to and responding to their clients’ wishes.”


This year’s winners will be revealed at a reception at The Building Centre in London on 22 January 2019. An exhibition of long listed designs will be unveiled at the same time.

Previous winners of the prize include Sun Rain Rooms, a revamped Georgian town-house with a patio that transforms into a reflecting pool, and Sunken Bath Project, a garden room containing a sunken Japanese-style bath.

Enjoy our super picture gallery, compliments of dezeen.com below …..Nice!!




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