A smaller extension can end up the bigger success!



We at Mint can certainly help ensure you have that extra breathing room inside your home that you so badly need. But, we do understand that with home extensions, sometimes smaller can be better, not only for your bank balance but in terms of your home’s value too.

A good, well-considered smaller extension can be ‘big’ in terms of the value it adds to the saleable price of your home. Whereas sometimes, for sure, the larger budget extension can sometimes struggle to add enough to the value of your home taking into account the extra price of the extension build.

types and designs

As spotted by our Editor online recently by the Ultraframe company highlighted the variety and style or numerous extension types and designs https://www.ultraframe-conservatories.co.uk/news/small-extensions. They point out that small extensions are ideal for those looking to increase space in their property, without it looking different to the rest of their home and that you can of course, customise your new room to feature the same or a complementary colour scheme.

many uses

It is true that another benefit of installing a smaller extension is the multitude of purposes it can be used for. From a new or extended kitchen to an exercise and wellness room, a new room is a blank canvas for you to use. Check out some smaller extension types, styles and ideas below or go here

The Lean-to

A popular style among many homeowners, our lean-to design is one of the best small house extension designs on the market. With sleek, clean lines and a wealth of natural light, your new lean-to can be used for a multitude of purposes. The simple style and contemporary look mean it is perfect for modern homes. This conservatory comes with a pitched roof that can be steep or shallow, depending on the type of property you have.

The Victorian

Whether your property is traditional or new, our Victorian conservatory makes an excellent large or small extension. Being one of our most popular styles, this makes a stunning addition to any home, providing more room for added comfort. Our Victorian conservatory is fitted with a bay window and steeply pitched roof, as standard, giving a traditional feel. Made from with uPVC or aluminium, your Victorian conservatory is manufactured to last for many years. Give your home a traditional feel.

Garden Rooms

Much like conservatories, Garden Rooms are wonderful for making sure you have added room inside your home. Our exceptional Garden Rooms make the perfect escape, without having to leave your home. Immerse yourself in your garden inside your home. You can choose from either a solid roof or a glass roof, however, both provide increased amounts of natural light. Including this, you will also benefit from added heat retention and a lower energy bill.

Classic Roof

A Classic Roof is perfect for those looking to install a glass conservatory roof on their new extension. Providing flexible results, your classic roof will heighten the amount of natural light entering, whilst protecting you from the outside elements.Made from tough, double glazed glass panels, your Classic Roof will be able to protect you from the outside elements. This means you can watch the spectacular show from inside your home. Protect yourself with our beautiful Classic Roof

Flat Skylight and Lantern Roof

The Ultraframe Flat Skylight and Lantern Roof options make exceptional additions to your new room. Creating a beautiful exterior profile, installing a skylight or lantern roof into your home will provide elegance with a contemporary silhouette. Each of these options will give your home heightened security. Made with tough, double glazed glass panels, the skylight or lantern roof you install will maximise your privacy whilst enhancing views of the sky above

‘Livin Roof

Expertly combining light and comfort, the ‘LivinRoof’ is perfect for those looking to install a roof that will bring style and sophistication to their home. With a unique ratio of glass to solid panels, create focused areas of natural light in smaller extensions. Increasing your privacy and heightening the security inside your home, the ‘LivinRoof’ makes an excellent addition to any small-sized extension. Fitted with an internal pelmet around the perimeter, you can install spotlights to create a specific mood

Tiled Conservatory Roof

Much like the Livinroof, the Ultraroof tiled conservatory roof offers exceptional levels of thermal insulation. However, they can also be customised to offer a unique ratio of glass to solid panels, creating concentrated areas of natural light inside your small extension. For a more contemporary style inside your new room, opt for spotlights to be fitted in the internal pelmet.

planning issues

Add the Ultraframe experts, “When installing a smaller house extension, there are several things to consider. From planning permission and building regulations to furnishing ideas and colour schemes, each structure is designed to be unique. Reference planning issues, you are likely to need planning permission. Planning permission is usually concerned with the façade of a building, how it will impact the immediate environment and highway access.

single storey

Consent should be granted as long as the width of the proposed build is not greater than half the width of your original home and the structure is single storey. If it exceeds 4m in height, you may not be granted planning permission.

materials matching

Take note – the materials used in the new structure may need to match the materials used in your original home. Take a look here at this article on planning permission and building regulations to check out how these various issues might impact any small extension you might have in mind

Mint can help you plan the affordable extension that is best for your home as and when you need it. Refurbishment, improvement and extension – Mint offers a full development and finishing service to add value to your home and we’ll help with any questions or concerns you have.

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