Another style and ideas ‘schedule of thought’ for your home extension!

Welcome back to a further instalment of key pointers to take into account for any up and coming home extension you may me considering for the Spring period ahead.

Extensions are ‘in the spotlight this Spring’ and we are finding here at Mint, that extending your home is being judged a better option for many to get the extra space at home needed as opposed to packing up and moving on the a new property.

There are so many type and styles of extension of course and we here at Mint have worked on most! However, if you are thinking of extending, its very much about how your planned extension will fit with and work best within the home environment you already have.

just right

We can certainly help bring together your current home and your new extension most effectively We can ensure your planned extension is just right in terms of approach, appropriate added style and space and that it adds the best possible monetary value to your home.


Here below are some more words of wisdom on home extensions, compliments of the expert highly-informed renovator, Michael Holmes online at

Privacy Glazing


Introducing lots of natural light is one of the key ingredients in successful extension design. Where a potential new window opening will look out onto a neighbour, the street, a side alley or directly onto a boundary, consider using obscured glazing, so you get the benefit of daylight but without anyone being able to look in or out.

Traditional options include textured or stained glass and glass blocks, and more contemporary options include acid-etched or sand-blasted glass and coloured glass. Roof-lights are a great way to bring light in, without affecting privacy to neighbouring properties.

Energy-Efficient Fireplaces


With increasing emphasis on energy efficiency, many people are blocking up open chimney flues and air vents or excluding them from their extension plans. Yet there are two energy-efficient options that still give the feature and comfort of real flames.

Flue-less gas fires are 100% energy efficient and require no chimney or flue: a catalytic converter cleans all harmful combustion gases, producing just water and CO2. Designs include traditional fireplaces and stoves, and contemporary hole-in-the-wall models.

The second choice is a room-sealed wood-burning stove  connected to an internal air source to prevent any draughts. They are highly energy efficient and there are some exciting modern design options.

Feature Lighting


A well thought out lighting scheme will give your new space great atmosphere, allowing you to use different combinations of circuits for different activities. Independent control of each circuit using dimmer switches or smart switches with pre-set options is essential.#

As well as ambient lighting to provide basic background light for everyday activities, include accent lighting in the form of directional spotlights, up-lights, down-lights, wall washes, baffled (concealed source) lights, table lamps and standard lamps to create light and shade, which is key for atmosphere. Add decorative lamps, for instance, above a kitchen island or dining table as feature lighting

Manage Noise


Contemporary extensions with glass walls, polished stone or concrete floors and crisp, clean lines can look fantastic, but they can also create acoustic problems as sound reverberates from one solid flat surface to another. Such problems need to be overcome by introducing soft sound-absorbent materials into the room.

However, rugs, curtains and soft furniture are not always appropriate —in a dining or kitchen area, for instance. An alternative is to fit some form of acoustic panels. These can be fitted to the walls as textured profiled panels like wall art, or flat panels printed with any chosen image.

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