Another style and ideas schedule for your planned home extension!

Welcome back to our schedule of pointers to take into account for any up and coming home extension you may me considering for the up and coming Spring period ahead.


Extensions are in the spotlight this Spring we are finding here at Mint, with the price of the extra space somewhat challenging for some if they choose to take ‘the pack up and move’ route . Our ‘Extend Instead’ campaign re-launch is proving something of a success here in Cheltenham and the Cotswolds right now! 

working best

There are so many type and styles of extension of course and we here at Mint have worked on most! However, if you are thinking of extending, its very much about how your planned extension will fit with and work best within the home environment you already have.

just right

We can help you get the coming together of your current home and your new extension just right in terms of approach and appropriate added style and space and getting it right means the increase in the monetary value of your home as a result will follow!


Some more words of wisdom here, compliments of expert highly-informed renovator, Michael Holmes with his advice on planning and designing a practical and beautiful extension online at

things to consider

On the considered list of extension information, ideas and things to consider from Michael here are outdoor rooms, pocket doors, glazing links and, feature ceilings …check them out

Outdoor Rooms

A covered outdoor living area provides somewhere to sit or eat outside during the warmer months, but is protected from either too much sunlight or light summer rainfall. This may take a traditional form such as a loggia or veranda, or be a more contemporary space, set beneath a projecting flat roof supported by slender steel posts, perhaps with an area of slatted sun louvres.

Pocket Doors

If you can’t decide between enclosing a new extension with a wall or going open plan, consider fitting sliding pocket doors, giving you the best of both worlds. When closed, sliding flush doors can give the appearance of a wall, but when open they can disappear within the wall, presenting a clear opening.

off the shelf

Sliding door systems are available off the shelf (Em-B) or you can buy the running gear separately (Häfele) and have doors made up to suit your own design.

Tall/Vaulted Ceilings

Tall ceilings can transform the way a room feels — larger rooms especially are made to feel even more spacious and impressive. An extension gives scope to add this feature for relatively little cost, either by digging down to lower the floor level, or by building up.

split level

In a two storey extension this may result in a split-level on the first floor, which can add interest. Where an extension is beneath a pitched roof, there may be the option to create a vaulted ceiling, open to the ridge. Instead of building a conventional flat ceiling with a void above, fit insulation within the pitched roof structure to create this feature.

The Glazed Link

When extending a period home, it can be difficult to find the right design to complement the existing property. One solution is to add the new space as an entirely separate building in a sympathetic style – either traditional or contemporary – and to join the two with a fully glazed walkway.

visual impact

Using structural glazing it is possible for such a link to be constructed entirely from glass, reducing its visual impact and leaving the original building’s character unaltered. This is a device favoured by many conservation officers and can work well in linking existing period buildings,too.

Check back here soon and here for more words of wisdom from the always informed Michael Howard.

If you have an extension in mind in Cheltenham and the Cotswolds, we’re here to help of course.

Call us up at Mint Builders or send an email, and we’ll be pleased to offer you a no obligation site meeting and competitive project quotation …and good luck with YOUR plans!