Consider a 2019 Home Extension? A Beginner’s Guide

The current Brexit situation continues to cause uncertainty to the UK Housing market and for sure some of those thinking of moving are shelving their plans. Perhaps a home extension or refurbishment in the meantime could be an option.

The deadline for the UK to leave the EU is currently October 31st, although this has been repeatedly pushed back in the recent past. Whether Brexit will really take place by then, or even at all, is still very uncertain, so we at Mint are not surprised that a good few home-owners have given up any moving plans and are instead moving to add value to their property by considering a new home extension.

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After all, in any event, moving house costs money — there are agent fees, legal fees, stamp duty, as well as the premium for that desired extra bedroom or bigger kitchen diner you very much want. For the same price, you might well find that you can build a decent extension, adding both space and value to your existing home in the process, while the BREXIT rows and delays drag on and on.


The experts at Homebuilding and Renovating Magazine have recently produced a ‘Should I Build an Extension’ Guide. These experts highlight that these days an extension is one of the most popular home improvement projects people take, in order to add much needed space and value….even more the case perhaps these days with all the Brexit calamity in the background currently and its effect on home sale prices.

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Ads the Homebuilding and Renovating Magazine experts, “From costs through to planning permission, the design and finance, there’s a lot to consider when building an extension. Make sure your extension meets your needs of course and also passes planning, by reading our recent ‘Beginner’s guide’ to everything you need to know when building an extension. The guide covers such key issues as – How much does an extension cost?; Will I need planning permission for my extension?; Building Regulations; How to design an extension; Building your extension; Heating and electric…. and much much more.


Among other additional specific matters to consider according to Homebuilding  and Renovation Magazine are such as:- Any Shared Walls – If building your extension involves building or digging foundations within 3m of the boundary, party wall or party wall structure, or digging foundations within 6m of a boundary, the work will require you to comply with the Party Wall Act. Site AccessYou will need to factor in how deliveries, trucks and lorries will reach the property and unload large items and materials. You’ll also need to determine where trades will park and store their tools. Demands on Your BoilerWill your existing boiler will be able to cope with the demands of the new extension? While replacing the boiler is an option, you could also look at alternatives such as underfloor heating. InsuranceImportantly, notify your insurer of the work.Some may not provide cover during the works, but others offer dedicated extension insurance products.

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There are various other important aspects to consider before you get to the stage of getting your extension plans drawn up – matters like soil conditions on the site; services; surrounding trees; any history of flooding; rights of way ….and more.

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To get this worthwhile extension guide’ information at first hand, subscribe to Homebuilding & Renovating magazine. You can get five issues at a special reduced price.

Mint can, of course, help you plan and build the affordable extension that is best for your home as and when you need it.

Refurbishment, improvement and extension – Mint offers a full development and finishing service to add value to your home and we’ll help with any questions or concerns you have. We also have expert contacts to help with your planning guidance.

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