Ensure your home extension or renovation is always ‘neighbourly’


We, at Mint work on many home extensions and we understand that as we do so, we always need to take full account in all respects of the neighbours of our many clients. When we build, we ensure in every way project neighbours are always treated with every consideration. The last thing we would ever wish to do during any home extension we build, is to any way cause upset between our client and their neighbours.

Of course, as a professional business it is totally natural for us go out of our way to make sure that we communicate politely and consistently with our clients’ neighbours right throughout every home extension or refurbishment project we work on. We also advise and help our clients to stay in their neighbours ‘good books’ throughout all stages of the project, particularly if there is larger build work involved.


Aside from the actual extension building process itself, there is, as you may know, an official ‘neighbourly’ ruling involving neighbours and planning permissions for home extensions This official operational planning ruling is known as the Neighbour Consultation scheme.


The scheme relates to planning and is a method of pre-approval. So, if you wish to build a large extension you must notify the local authority, who will then consult the adjoining neighbours to advise them of your planned development.

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If your neighbours raise any concerns or objections, the local authority will decide if their objections reveal any impact on the amenity of the neighbouring properties and whether your plans can go ahead. This scheme only applies to larger single-storey rear extensions which are permitted until 30 May 2019.


This means that extensions of between four and eight metres for detached houses and between three and six metres for all other houses, must go through this process. Please note: It has been stated by Government that these increased size limits will be made permanent and also click here – read about how your extension may affect your neighbours


The template known as ‘Notification of a Proposed Larger Home Extension’ can be used by a householder to notify the local planning authority of the intention to build a larger single-storey rear extension as highlighted above.


Please read the guidance note here – Download the Guidance Note – for help completing this important notification. This note also contains further information about the scheme in general) If you require any further advice regarding the Neighbour Consultation Scheme we are here to help and of course you can also contact your local planning authority.

For all you need you know go here….https://www.planningportal.co.uk/info/200130/common_projects/17/extensions/2

Mint can help you plan and build the affordable ‘neighbourly’ extension that is best for your home as and when you need it. Refurbishment, improvement and extension – Mint offers a full development and finishing service to add value to your home and we’ll help with any questions or concerns you have. We also have expert contacts to help with your planning guidance.

Whatever your need, please request your ‘Extend Instead’ review or quotation to improve, refurbish or extend your home . Contact Mint Builders on 01242 279739 or email info@mintbuilders.co.uk