Extend your home and bring the outdoors…. indoors… and vice versa!


What with ‘The Beast from the East’ and the ‘Pest from the West’ it began to look as if Spring and the warmer weather would never arrive and we would never get the chance to spend time enjoying our home’s outside areas again!

Of course, the outside spaces at our home, however modest, are these days for many regarded as very much an integral part of the facility of the home environment as a whole. This bringing together of the inside and outside of a home to the advantage of both is something a key matter when it comes to considering the modern-day home extension. There are numerous tactics that can be engaged.

valuable effect

A new extension is very much an opportunity in terms styling and design to create this valuable effect of bringing the outside in so to speak in order to create a space that merges the line between the indoors and outdoors. This is a great way to make smaller spaces within the home feel larger and the home interior brighter and more open in terms of atmosphere.

fingers crossed

So with on the understanding that the weather will indeed warm up and the sun will eventually come out and stay out for a while – hopefully fairly soon ( fingers crossed etc!) here from the those experts at www.simplyextend.co.uk are some useful top tips for outdoor living.

Bi-folding doors.

Of course, the most favoured and indeed leading highly accessible way of bringing the outdoors inside, is to install bi-folding doors. With UK’s unpredictable weather, glass bi-folding doors give you flexibility – you can open up your extension to the garden or, if inclement weather arrives you can close it off again but still retain a connection to the outside.


Open your kitchen or lounge area up to the outdoors by designing a deck that connects with your new extension. When designing your deck think about how much of your garden you want to give over to it. Keeping in mind what you want to use the deck for and how you want to utilise your garden, so it fits in with your lifestyle.


What type of material you use will depend on your own taste and the design of your property. If you wish to use cladding on your extension, you may want to use the same type of material on your deck or you could opt for a completely different style that compliments your extension design.

Alfresco Dining

Despite our unpredictable weather, we in the UK love a barbecue! Using your outside area for an alfresco kitchen, complete with a space to dine, is a top garden trend right now. There are many ways to create an outdoor kitchen; the most common and cost effective is to have a barbecue. If you love impromptu garden parties, then you may consider getting a large, American-style gas barbecue.


However, if you are a purist, you can also opt for a traditional charcoal fired one – why not add a smoker and impress your guests with your cooking skills. Also, growing in popularity are pizza ovens, not only do they look stunning – they also create a focal point and can be used as an outdoor fire. Which brings us to fire pits! Whether you want your outside space to be a culinary hub or just a place to relax, a fire pit creates a warm and welcoming area to entertain or to enjoy some ‘me’ time.

Get it covered

If you want to make the most of your outside space, it’s probably a good idea to have it covered. After all, there is nothing cosier than sitting with a mug of something warm watching the rain fall, while you are warm and dry. On the more optimistic side, it’s always sensible to have cover from the sun.

covers and awnings

There are several options you can choose such as a fold away covers or awnings, so you can take advantage of the sun (when it’s here); a veranda or a trellis, where you have the option of growing vines or creepers and create that perfect Mediterranean look.

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