Extend your home and get a worthwhile ‘ bonus’ with energy saving measures too!

Roof located conversions and extensions offer a chance to carry various additional improvements such insulation and other Energy savings tactics which can mean not only will your project add sale value to your home, but also cut your energy bills.

In these time of climate change and Eco-energy, saving money at home on your energy bills is very much a fundamental of living your life today. It is way to go for most, particularly those considering the development of a new home extension.

We at Mint put energy conservation at the heart of many of the home extension projects we undertake particularly with regards to selection of insulation and vital glass specification. These can make so much difference if you achieve the right product for the right use in the right price.

energy saving

With this very much in mind, our Editor spotted an interesting focus on how attic conversions can aid energy saving, as well as delivering quality extra space with ideal privacy. Attic or loft conversions are one of the more popular renovation projects embraced by home-owners these days. They add living space that can be used for sleeping, entertaining, or work of course and can be achieved cost effectively and with the certain bonus of adding value to the property.


However, it turns out that an attic conversion can be beneficial in ways over and above just increasing your living space.  Now here’s THE thought -/ you could use your own loft conversion to save energy! Oh yes you can!


A great new living space – and a win win if you take the chance to undertake some extra tasks which mean you save energy month on month two – in the whole house!

By converting your loft into usable living space, you can also reduce the amount of energy you use by implementing certain strategies during construction. Building regulations require that attic conversions include insulation that minimises heat loss. Without getting into all the details, compliant insulation must be installed between and underneath the rafters and between walls and the structure’s roof.

downwards bills

For sure, just doing the bare minimum can significantly reduce energy loss, but apply yourself with advice and know-how too and you can look forward to those heating bills easing downwards too perhaps – gotta be a win situation that….wouldn’t you say?


Any home-owner is free to go above and beyond the minimum requirements. More insulation than the law requires can be installed in the loft – the structure spaces and general overall room are there to help you do so most effectively.


When you convert ‘up above’ – why not include some general energy saving measures to cut your energy bills for the future throughout your whole home?

Your conversion can easily include new, energy-efficient windows that allow for maximum light with a minimum loss of energy and they are relatively cost effective and will pay you back on your heating bill costs in time.


As many will know, a good window is a triple-glazed window with an A+ rating. Installing the windows in strategic locations can further reduce energy use by flooding the space with natural light and, thus, reducing dependence on artificial lighting.

take advantage

Another thing to consider, while you are planning that attic conversion, is to consider taking advantage of all the construction activity sorting out the attic, to make a modest further ‘sideways move’ to install solar equipment. As long as you are paying contractors to better insulate and install energy-efficient windows, it could be said you might just as well invest in solar PV panels that convert direct sunlight into electricity. Gotta be good news!


A solar system will by no means eliminate your need for grid electricity. But, it will reduce your dependence on it. The less grid energy you consume, the lower your monthly utility bills will be. With a feed-in tariff, you may even be able sell excess energy back to the grid for a still lower utility bill. Food for thought, for sure.

starting point

Attic conversions are often the starting point for increasing living space without major building works at home or taking the next step on the property ladder. And because of the style, location and potential of such conversions, home-owners will also then  have opportunities to utilise their new living spaces to save energy too! No doubt about it – a win-win situation, this most certainly is, no matter how you look at it. Nice eh?

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