From one type of ‘extension’ to many others nationwide – perhaps yours!

It could be said that an ‘extension’ from the Government could perhaps lead to many extensions nationwide – perhaps yours! The Government has recently permanently extended the permitted development rights, which means a range of types of home extensions nationwide, can go ahead right now and on throughout this year and into the future, without needing to get planning permissions.

For sure, this is good news, and what with all the Brexit upset to the housing market, making moving not necessarily a straightforward choice either, perhaps, now could be said to be very much the right time for your home extension too …..perhaps?

greater freedom

Permitted Development Rights are a set of planning policies, which allow home-owners greater freedom in enlarging their home, by the granting of a pre-approved permission. Due to these rights, you the home-owner can extend your property to a certain degree, greater than the norm, without having to go for a Full Planning Permission. And, for sure, having to get such permissions can mean having to follow a more expensive and time-consuming process – so often something of a challenge. Well for now that’s no longer a problem.


This ‘no planning’ permission scenario generally applies to single-storey, side or rear extensions, some loft conversions, front porches, double storey extensions, outbuildings, solar panels, skylights of dormer windows and new windows or doors.


But, as the experts at Extension Architecture point out, these new Permitted Development rulings do have their  restrictions.  Take note, the ‘extension to the extension’ rules  does not cover double-storey extensions, larger loft conversions, flats or most properties in conservation areas. Also, any relevant Neighbour Consultation Scheme will almost certainly apply. 

guiding advice 

Go here- for a detailed guide to Permitted Development Rules from the  Extended Architecture experts. Get the updated facts covering single and double storey rear extensions, side and roof extensions, loft conversions, porches and outbuildings.  You can then check for sure if your project proposal can ‘happen’ within the newly extended Permitted Development (PD) Rights or whether it will indeed still require a full Planning Application before you get things under-way! 

Refurbishment, improvement and extension – Mint offers a full development and finishing service to add value to your home. We’ll also help with any planning questions or concerns you may have. We  have expert contacts to guide you with your extension or renovation plans, whatever they may be.

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