Getting to grips with your home extension build time-line ‘diary’


When you are considering a home extension, we at Mint understand that a clear idea of time-line – or at the very least a considered planned estimate and idea of the time-line is really quite key and can be very much a part of decision to go ahead with an extension now or later or even not at all for the foreseeable future perhaps.

It’s a fact that we at Mint do find that no two extension projects are the same for all kinds of reasons, and the time-lines, in any event, differ dramatically depending on the size and complexity of the project or even personal matters and issues involving day to day life in many respects of the clients day to day situation.


However, an example time-line to give you a rough idea of the key milestones in a typical extension project is of course useful as a guideline as is getting an idea of the order in which key tasks and project milestones are likely to occur.


Also, an approximation of when key elements of any extension project might take place will, of course, give those involved the chance to get organised in terms of managing their lives around the build. Any time-line plan will help highlight key periods where major decisions have to be made on your part, or when disruption to your daily routine is likely to take place.

Week 1 – Set out. Dig out footings. Pour concrete foundations. First delivery of materials.

Week 2 – Build substructure up to damp-proof course. Install/adjust external drainage routes (where appropriate). Install damp-proof course. Pour concrete over site/floor structure. Erect scaffolding as needed.

Week 3 – Commence construction of exterior walls.

Week 4 – Commence construction of interior walls. Complete construction of exterior walls.

Week 5 – Install roof structure and begin covering. Complete construction of interior walls.

Week 6 – Install windows and doors.

Week 7 – Install/adjust interior drainage (where appropriate). First fix electrics and plumbing. First fix carpentry.

Week 8 – Break through to existing house including installation of steels. Make good all works as a result of breaking through.

Week 9 – Plasterboard and plaster to all areas.

Week 10 – Second fix electrics. Second fix plumbing (where appropriate). Install flooring.

Week 11 – Complete external works – paving, gardening etc. Install skirting. Commence decorating.

Week 12 – Complete decoration. Clean down and remove all waste. Carry out snagging and prepare for ‘move-in’!

Mint can help you plan the affordable extension that is best for your home as and when you need it. Refurbishment, improvement and extension – Mint offers a full development and finishing service to add value to your home and we’ll help with any questions or concerns you have.

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