Home Extension planning rules revision looms closer ….or not!


As many of you considering a home extension or refurbishment are surely aware, the the residential planning rules are well and truly ‘on the clock’ as this new month of May ticks away.

Recently we highlighted here on this blog – compliments of the expert Extension Architecture team – the ins and outs of Permitted Development rights for home extensions existing right now. But the thing is, these more relaxed PD Rights could end at the end of May – take note!


For sure, families have enjoyed up to 75% extra extension space without needing any Planning Permission thanks to the relaxation of the relating planning rules. Householders have been able to add twice the usual space allowed for single storey rear extensions.


This planning rules relaxation is surely a move made specifically because of the pressure of an increasing population on our limited housing stock, the idea being to make it easier for families to extend into their loft spaces or their back land. But now on 30 May 2019 the Government’s relaxed view about PD Rules will again be reviewed and the big question is will it be revised?


There are varied views around right being fiercely argued as May ticks down no doubt. Extension Architecture suggest there is a fair argument to say the more ambient rules regarding domestic extensions may likely continue after May 2019, but there is no guarantee so what might happen regarding the larger home extension scheme after May?


Say the Extension team, “There could be additional changes and restrictions to observe again for commercial (and possibly residential applications). The reason for this confidence is that the trends of our rising population vs our housing stock issues have continued unchecked most of all in the capital”.

continued shortage

Regardless of this, also to be considered regarding this issue, is that there is also the continued shortage of new sites and plots in congested areas, so in any event putting off plans is in many ways is probably not the most advisable thing to do either.


Planning applications as many will be aware can take the best part of 3 months to process, so if you can take advantage of these current guidelines soonest, best perhaps one does so anyway. If you do, you should be able to extend your home twice the previous maximum of 3-4m (terraced/end terrace/detached).

local guidelines

So watch this space seems the watchword. We at Mint work with numerous planning experts and we also have a grasp of local planning guidelines. We are of course here to help and ensure you get the extension you need for the year ahead with least hassle and upset. We shall see what happens – but be sure we can help.


So, just to be clear again, the amount of work you can do with your PD Rights varies according to several considerations such as location and how much other development has taken place on the site since1948, even if it was done by a previous owner. This means such as :- Single storey side or rear extensions;Loft conversions; Front porches; Double storey extensions; Outbuildings; Solar panels; Skylights or dormer windows; New windows or doors.

Mint can help you plan for and build your home extension or renovation. Refurbishment, improvement and extension – Mint offers a full development and finishing service to add value to your home and we’ll help with any questions or concerns you have. We also have expert contacts to help with your planning guidance.

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