‘Lighting’ the way home to extensions with impact and effect

Carefully considered ideas and attention to detail are the essentials for successful home extensions and there can be approaches and ideas to consider.

One key consideration, say Mint Builders, can be that a good, well-planned extension can not only offer additional space, but can also, with a bit of considered forethought and the odd good idea or two, improve the potential outlook and atmosphere within all current existing areas of the property.


Mint Builders have just completed an attractive good sized ‘wrap around’ single storey ground floor extension on a two-bedroom Victorian terraced home in the Marle Hill area of Cheltenham town.

At the heart of the extension is a well-planned and presented kitchen in the open plan style, which in itself ,of course, gives something of a new feel and overall ‘openness’ to the ground floor of the property as a whole.

home ‘hub

Says Mint’s Simon West, “These days it’s very much the case of the less internal walls around the kitchen the better. Its all about light and giving the kitchen as open an outlook as possible so it becomes the ‘hub’ of a home. This ‘open plan’ outlook can of course, create very much a new atmosphere throughout the property as a whole.


We at Mint also know how to concept and develop certain quite modest additional features while extending in a property so that other areas of that property can derive specific benefit directly.


In this instance the property has a basement which the home-owners aim to improve in the future. So, while we were working on the extension, it seemed a good idea to consider whether we could suggest something to enable the home-owner to make more of their basement when that was improved.


We installed what might be said to be a kind ‘skylight’ to the basement which lightens and improves the basement atmosphere for sure. We achieved this by installing a strengthened glass panel built into a kitchen extension entrance floor . This sends light to the basement below. For sure the idea was certainly very worthwhile and works well!”

The Mint project at Marle Hill also included a new shower-room to the rear of the kitchen and a quality refurbishment of the bathroom upstairs.