Link building ‘ fill-in’ techniques for a successful extension



There are, of course, a very wide-range of types, style and size extensions that can be considered for most homes. It depends on the design of the house itself, of course, and also, how the property sits in its land plot. Sometimes certain structural issues are a key consideration, and these can in certain circumstances play a key part in costs.

A fairly price-competitive project by Mint recently, on a newish Estate-style home in Bishops Cleeve, near Cheltenham, demonstrated very well how careful planning and a well-considered ‘link building’ technique effectively delivered a very worthwhile sized extension within what was a relatively restricted space available at the property.


In this instance Mint ‘filled in’ what was a pointless space on the house plot. This existed between a main residential dwelling and an outbuilding – in this instance a garage.


A neatly contrived link design ‘building’ was thus able to offer a valuable, good sized new living space to the main property -and in doing so certainly served and attractively extended the main area of the home most cost effectively.

fifteen metre

In this instance a fifteen metre by two metre extension was built forming the all important link with the property’s garage. With the removal of what were originally the external wall the whole became part the total extension structure to the property.

linking approach

The ‘link’ extension was all brickwork with a fibre glass flat roof.  The linking approach achieved a larger kitchen for the property and also, the ever useful utility room.


A new upgraded ‘A’ plus rated boiler was installed within the new utility room and the appropriate complexities of achieving the required power supply in all of the re refurbishment areas were also dealt with.


The garage was also to be upgraded and then converted into proper habitable accommodation. With the installation of a further stud wall, part of the space formed a garden/hobby room.

living areas

This well-considered planned build and re-structure, though modest in size, even so provided this property with a number of valuable new living areas and facilities of convenience.


This project is for sure very much an illustration of the point that valuable extensions can be achieved even in quite restricted circumstances. Such extensions score two fold – they improve a home’s facilities, of course, but, also increase a property’s sale value too.

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