Mint Builders expertise meets the home extension ‘challenge’ in Cheltenham


Cheltenham as a town has many varied, listed and valued buildings and Mint Builders is a leading respected company working within what is in many respects a considerably challenging Regency residential environment.

As a company Mint has great expertise and considered often ingenious original ideas when it comes to the development of different home extensions of all types and sizes.

sought after

Example project number one was all about the challenge of producing what was for sure a high quality stylish-finish extension for a listed property in a much admired and sought after Cheltenham town centre street. This extension project presented most impressively and fully in keeping in every respect with the quality of this desirable listed home in a town where building image is among the most striking in the UK.


A good deal of the detailed work within the build of this spacious garden room extension was bespoke and the quality choice of materials selected by the Mint team ensured that the new building works entirely complemented this listed home in every respect.

superb design

The extension was in excess of some 25 square metres and its two key features were the superbly designed and present roof lantern and two sets of stunning glazed double doors offering an eye-catching vista onto the garden beyond. Specialist joinery was designed and produce for these two key features and the finish for the roof was flat lead – against this was very much the ideal materials’ choice in step with the period and presentation of this style-conscious, well featured home.


Mint are experts in guiding and assisting clients with appropriate and yet cost effective fitting choices for new extensions and refurbishments. In this instance, these fitting choices included a ‘wet’ underfloor heating installation, neatly linked to the property’s main central heating system with a smart phone ‘long distance’ control function, and also the installation of atmospheric subtle and highly attractive mandarin stone flooring.

cool sophistication

The total effect was the creation of a visual feel and style of cool sophistication throughout which just… proved to be an exceptional and successful competitively priced listed home extension project.

orangery presentation

Project example number two was an orangery type presentation on the rear of a property on a new build homes development on the site of an old hospital premises in Cheltenham. The very precise requirement set was for there to be plenty of atmosphere and light.


This was successfully achieved by the use of engineer-designed steel work fittings in two key ways. First was the use of bi-fold doors across the total garden facing ‘wall’ of the extension thus avoiding the use of any light-blocking brick piers. An additional second design feature was a lantern-shaped extension roof, greatly in keeping with the garden facing ‘wall of doors’. The roof was of fibreglass and its shape achieved an original, attractive neat design feature for the interior. It included glass inserts which flooded more light into the extension room.


Also, being a new property, matching bricks had to be sourced so that the extension blended totally with not only the extension property itself, but also complemented the general finish of all the properties around it. As is usual these days on new developments, the neighbouring homes were located quite close to the property being extended.

glamour and taste

Adds Simon West of Mint, “ The extension was ideal in its new homes setting and inside there was a light attractive and stylish visual. It is a good example of how well new property can be given a dash of glamour and also extended tastefully, cost effectively and appropriately.”

Both the above projects were completed on time and on budget and demonstrate admirably the attentive Cheltenham aware extension service Mint delivers – a service as good as his name….. Mint’!

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