Mint revs up ‘Extend Instead’ campaign for 2018



With the local Cheltenham housing market prices soaring and set to be as challenging as ever as the Spring arrives, perhaps a way to hold off that expensive home ‘move’ for a while at least, is to consider a revamp or extension instead in order to sort out any space, updating or refurbishment issues in your property!

Specialist local home extension experts, Mint Builders of Cheltenham, has therefore once again re-launched its ever successful ‘Extend Instead’ campaign for 2018.


The campaign, of course, is aimed specifically at any home-owner, who may be unsure as to the potential of their property in terms of refurbishment and indeed also as to how effectively it may be able to be extended.

pro-s and cons

Mint’s ‘Extend Instead’ service offers a FREE no obligation home visit consultation and review to ascertain the pros and cons of having an extension built.


Explains Mint Builders, Managing Director, Simon West, “I often find that a fair number of home-owners are just not aware whether and how their home might be extended. We do find that people sometimes feel that the only way they can get the extra space they need is by moving home on any home  and in many instances that is just not the case.

We can visit and confidently advise as to the viability of building an extension. All homes can be extended of course, both older traditional properties and new estate homes too.  


We are very experienced when it comes to extensions. We can quote most competitively and point home-owners in the right direction in terms of all they need to do to get the extension they need for their home. We can help and guide on all planning matters as well as managing the total build of any agreed extension.”

high quality

Mint has an established record for high quality build and development of all types and sizes of extension on all kinds of properties. These include  basements, extra rooms over garages and also the larger scale, two-storey extensions on the back or side of a property.

Mint offer a full exterior and interior finishing work service.

To check Mint Builders’ residential extension and development service and to request your ‘Extend Instead’ review or quotation, visit

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