Mint – meeting the challenge of a historic Cotswolds building project!


Mint has had a well-established reputation in Cheltenham and The Cotswolds for a good few years for quality project work of all types. As a business, it always welcomes all kinds of build projects, including those of particular individuality challenge and difference.

One just such ‘challenge’ not so long ago involved total project management of sensitive works on a historic landmark building structure in one of the more admired and traditional villages on the Cotswolds. This property is located right at the heart of the renowned village of Upper Slaughter facing the legendary well-known river ford there.  

scenic view

This particular property, The Old Rectory, not so long ago, was in fact included in a special scenic view of Upper Slaughter used on the cover of the leading Gloucestershire County lifestyle magazine, Cotswold Life .

sensitive scenic view

The task for Mint Builders was to fulfil a total management role operating what was a high profile, sensitive project. It involved some essential demanding maintenance on a number of different areas of this landmark building and also the integration, design and presentation and completion of certain additional new works.


The Old Rectory building is a tall structure and thus careful planning of ladder use and access was essential to avoid damage to any of the quite delicate areas of the stone and brick works existent on various parts of the building. Careful restoration and painting of fascias and down-pipes was also key maintenance task.


A further phase of the project involved the considered and carefully planned upgrading of an old outbuilding, which was, in essence, a small barn type structure of  some12 x 2 metres. This was to be converted into a cosy appropriate Summer House ‘retreat’.

walls and flagstones

To achieve this conversion involved a range of considered activities, including careful stonework renewal and the necessary re pointing of both walls and flooring flagstones. The supply and fit of an appropriately designed window and door, which complemented the total visual effect of this building, was also required.


The main Rectory building had suffered certain damp problems within parts of its structure and Mint used specialist materials and stone refurbishment techniques, to counteract this issue and ensure these problems were eliminated.


The property’s Kitchen, Drawing Room and Main Bedroom were then totally re-decorated. Certain aspects of these works were of a more specialist nature, particularly the preparation and final decorative presentation of the hand-built kitchen units. The timber floor in the kitchen was also re-worked and then attentively re-varnished.

best attention – always

Adds Mint Managing Director, Simon West, “For sure this was a challenging, rewarding and at times testing project – but, I like to think that every build and renovation project undertake always gets the best attention.

We plan carefully and attention to detail is a fundamental of our approach. Historic house or estate semi-detached, we thrive on improving and making more of all the homes we work on – it is always what we aim and hope to do”

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