More choose a home extension instead of moving house


Home extensions are under consideration by many families right now with uncertain house prices in the of the BREXIT uncertainty. More people than ever seem to be considering an extension instead of moving home.

For sure a home extension for the space you want will require much less resource than packing up and moving to a new home, but there’s still a need if you can to achieve the best extension you can for your hard earned money and we at Mint can of course help make that happen for you and yours.

budget aware

Of course, you want be be budget-aware with your extension whatever it is and why not indeed? There are ways to expand your interior space without spending a fortune that’s for sure, and we at Mint, have been engaged on numerous different types of home extensions with cost very much in mind.


Our Editor spotted some very worthwhile thoughts and ideas online last week from the very excellent Lucy Searle of Real Homes. These cheaper extension design ideas will inspire your project for sure and are worth taking note of on…. why don’t you?


If you want to add living or bedroom space to your home, but are on a tight budget, there are plenty of affordable ways to do so. Keeping the design and construction type simple, choosing the materials off-the-shelf rather than specifying bespoke pieces and project managing yourself are all simple ways to keep extension costs down, but some extension types are also naturally cheaper than others. Read up the three neat ideas to be aware of, from the always excellent Real Homes here below. See their ultimate guide to extending a house and you can check out their extension cost calculator too.

Number One – Consider a side return extension

As garden space, side returns often aren’t well used and don’t add value to your home, but building a single storey extension into one can transform your existing, perhaps narrow, back room into one that’s spacious and light-filled.


Frequently built as a kitchen extension to turn a small kitchen into a generous, open-plan kitchen-diner, such an addition can help provide garden-facing dining and seating, or the extra width could even contribute to a reconsidered, more open-plan layout throughout the ground floor (use our guide to designing an open plan kitchen-diner for advice).

permitted development

You probably won’t need planning permission for a side return extension. The current permitted development regime allows single storey side extensions up to a maximum of 4m high and a width no more than half that of the original house. If the extension is within 2m of the boundary, eaves height should not exceed 3m. Find out more about building side return extensions in our practical guide. Use our guide to planning a kitchen extension for tips, too.

Number Two – Build a porch to make a hallway into a living space

Looking for cheap extension design ideas for the front of your home? Adding a porch will give character to a featureless frontage as well as providing extra, practical storage space indoors. It is especially worth considering if your front door opens straight into a living room rather than a hallway.

original architecture

Think carefully about design; the porch should be constructed in a style that suits the original architecture and in proportion with the size of the house. When designing an enclosed porch, consider the impact it might have on the natural light that flows through your existing front door – you may be able to improve the amount of daylight with a well-considered design. A brick-built porch with a new front door can cost anything from £3,000, depending on size and materials. Find out more about adding a porch in our practical guide.

Number Three – Convert a garage

A garage conversion can add up to 10 per cent to the value of your home, give you extra living space that’s less prone to planning complications than an extension, plus you won’t lose any garden space. If have a double garage, you could even convert just half the space, so that you gain living space and continue to benefit from a parking space. Converting a garage is also much cheaper than building a new extension – expect to pay anything from £5,000 upwards. Find out garage conversion planning and design in our comprehensive guide.

Mint can help you get the affordable extension you want most for your home. Refurbishment, improvement and extension – Mint offers a full development and finishing service to add value to your home and we’ll help with any questions or concerns you have.

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