More Home Extension ideas and examples – stylish and cost effective!


Some further thoughts here on this blog on all kinds of home extension styles and designs compliments of the always excellent

A half a dozen more wide-ranging, affordable, very well-finished home extensions for you to review, all ready for the time when you decide to go ahead and extend your home.

flexibility and value

All offer flexibility, valuable additional space and that all important increase to the monetary value of your property. Neatly and ingeniously designed and built, these kind of extensions won’t turn the financial screw on you either!


First, when all you need is room for a modest extra seated area, you can embrace a micro extension like this one – oh so neat!

These kind of extensions have a huge impact on a home, but are certainly easy on the wallet! 


This extension on the link below is so modest it’s almost camouflaged. It is in fact of a simple timber and steel design, and could say almost have come as a flat-pack ! A very cost effective extension for sure –


This third extension choice this is very neatly done. It is a simple boxy brick design with timber framed windows ,which make it ‘super cheap’ and simple to put up. You’ll see how perfect it is for the adjoining house –


Now, here’s another smaller extension where, as you can see, the construction is simple, but the extra space is certainly invaluable. It offers enough additional space to make a real difference. These kind of modest extensions are such great value for money!


Perfectly matched to the main house, this flat roof extension perhaps goes almost goes unnoticed! It seems it might always have been there! It is without fancy glazing too, so it would come in at a most competitive, ideal price –


A single room extension so often really works well – and you’ve got to love those wood shingles on the exterior making it look very smart and ‘high-end’ in terms of its visual image – nice!


Lots to think on then if you are considering Mint’s ‘Extend Instead’ approach to your need for new space at your home right now. If you’re keen to add extra space to your home on a budget, the Homify Ideasbook is a good place to start your early stage planning perhaps.

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