Mint – meeting the challenge of a historic Cotswolds building project!


Mint has had a well-established reputation in Cheltenham and The Cotswolds for a good few years for quality project work of all types. As a business, it always welcomes all kinds of build projects, including those of particular individuality challenge and difference.

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Link building ‘ fill-in’ techniques for a successful extension



There are, of course, a very wide-range of types, style and size extensions that can be considered for most homes. It depends on the design of the house itself, of course, and also, how the property sits in its land plot. Sometimes certain structural issues are a key consideration, and these can in certain circumstances play a key part in costs.

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Mint revs up ‘Extend Instead’ campaign for 2018



With the local Cheltenham housing market prices soaring and set to be as challenging as ever as the Spring arrives, perhaps a way to hold off that expensive home ‘move’ for a while at least, is to consider a revamp or extension instead in order to sort out any space, updating or refurbishment issues in your property! Read more