Some 2018 home styling trends and considerations for your home this Summer!


When you are considering a new extension room or two or a refurbishment in your home you can never have too many good ideas. We are pleased to get some expert TV personality advice, thoughts and guidance for those of you planning some home ‘upgrades’ during the late Spring and Summer ahead.

Here, compliments of Building Construction and Design Magazine are some words of wisdom on 2018 home styling trends from Julia Kendell, BBC’s ‘DIY SOS’ guest designer and spokesperson for the recent National Homebuilding & Renovating Show,


The focus for the year ahead will be on functionality in the bedroom. For those who want to create more open space, it’s best to consider taking your clothing and storage out of this room to ensure a calm and relaxing place to relax and sleep. Consider converting an underused spare bedroom into a walk-in wardrobe.

long term care

In addition, beds are viewed as the most important item in the bedroom as they contribute significantly to sleeping quality. Invest in a good quality mattress; it’s important to check if it can provide long-term care for the back and provide you with a good night’s sleep. Also, to wake up rested, a dark environment helps boost sleeping quality, so the choice of curtains or blinds is vital.”


Advances in sleep technology have developed to allow home-owners bespoke solutions to ensure a great night’s sleep. The latest ‘anti-gravity’ mattresses give the body an opportunity to heal overnight with no stressful strain on any joint. Skimping on comfort is a false economy and has a detrimental effect on all areas of life.”


With life increasingly fast-paced, creating a spa-like retreat in the bathroom is high on the wish-list for many. Pinterest has reported a 269 per cent increase in ‘spa bathroom’ searches in the past 12 months alone. To create a restful and recharging environment, plan a large bath for leisurely soaks and always try for comfort before purchase.


A neutral scheme with natural materials such as marble or textural slate are a key theme for 2018. Ensure adequate storage to ensure a restful, uncluttered environment and upgrade the lighting to a dimmable circuit. Integral speakers in the bathroom will contribute to the bating experience.”


Many self-builders have included a secondary ‘practical’ kitchen in recent years and this trend is likely to spiral further. Separating the real functional area from the show/theatre kitchen proves to be useful, as the house owner can leave the dirty dishes, trash and everything else that comes with preparing a meal in the secondary kitchen, while enjoying a hassle-free social experience with friends in the main area, where cooking skills can shine.


For 2018 materials and textures are key with combinations of gloss cabinetry and natural timber, matt door finishes and terrazzo tiling or two colours of cabinetry to add interest to a functional space. After many years of neutral kitchens, forest green, peacock blue and this year’s Pantone colour of the year, ultraviolet, will be showing up in design-led kitchens.”

Living room

For those with the space, a separate TV/cinema room is the antidote to the all-consuming, massive TVs overtaking any social interaction. This creates a calming area within the living room for good old-fashioned conversation by the fireplace.

statement ‘art’

Technology has again provided a solution for the aesthetics when incorporating a TV in a living room. Mirrored TVs look like elegant framed mirrors when the TV is off and instantly become high-resolution screens when required. In addition, statement art is replacing gallery-style walls with super-sized images, providing a clean and powerful aesthetic.

…and a final thought

Says Julia:- “Above everything, an interior should have soul, balance and feel comfortable to live in, tailored to each person’s liking. More important than following fashion is to decorate your own home with pieces and materials that make you feel good.”

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