Sourcing original style and ideas for your home extension


Inspiration and a little original style and smart ideas can make so much difference to an extension, however modest it may be. At Mint we always strive to offer our clients bright ideas to make each and every home extension that little bit more special and appropriate in terms of its scale, finish and relationship to the main home building.

Our team research extensively to keep abreast of ideas and styles that can be considered for projects we may work on in the future. All kinds of different effects and touches can be achieved! An extension with something of US influence certainly caught our eye recently on It offered a wide range of stimulating features and effects – very nice.. read on……..

living spaces

The Studio Carver business designed this particular US influence extension for an Anglo-American family who wanted to improve the living spaces of their Edwardian house in Belsize Park, reports informative


The compact addition to the rear of the building replaces an existing conservatory and contains a dining area with improved levels of natural light and privacy. The clean-lined contemporary design and muted material palette of exposed concrete, zinc cladding and white-oiled oak creates a subtle contrast to the London stock brick and white-painted details of the original house. The clients also wanted to evoke suburban American sun rooms, which typically feature timber-framed structures set on solid bases with sash windows wrapping around the façades”


Director Keith Carver, told,”The window mullions and intersecting timber frames of American conservatories establish a strong vertical rhythm that we drew inspiration from for the Belsize House. We exaggerated this rhythm and ‘verticality’ with the introduction of deep oak fins set between the windows.”


The build process involved the frame being designed and erected off site before being transported to the property and re-assembled, therefore reducing construction time and costs. The new conservatory contains built-in bench seating that spans the rear elevation and allows the family to lean against the glazing and look out at the garden.


Clever Deep oak fins between the windows frame the views outwards while preventing the space from being overlooked by neighbouring properties. The two  metre-high sash windows ensure plenty of daylight enters the space and echo the vertical rhythm of the Edwardian building’s French doors.


There was a skylight between the extension and the existing house creates a sense of separation between the old and new parts of the building, as well as introducing more natural light into the room. A side door featuring handles subtly recessed into its wooden surfaces connects the interior with a decked area that extends out towards the garden. Photography (with thanks) – Richard Chivers

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