The right home extension space in the right way… at your place for 2019.


As we Mint say, when you are planning your own 2019 home extension you can’t see too many ingenious other home renovation or extension efforts to help you decide and understand what might help you create the right extra new space in the right way at your place.

We at Mint, can guide and advise of course, but it’s always worth a surf around online, to see what others achieve with their home extension efforts and how these transformation examples surely demonstrate that it’s best to stay put and extend instead of moving home. This is never more the case than now of course with all the BREXIT property price uncertainties which go on building as BREXIT D-Day looms closer and closer.

extension choice

For sure, more and more of you than ever over the past 6-months, as we see it, are choosing to renovate or extend your current homes to make existing spaces work harder, to avoid facing higher stamp duty fees and the rising expense of moving. We at Mint have been particularly busy with our own ‘Extend Instead’ campaign since the New Year started and we now have numerous impressive potential projects in view into 2019.


So, here – as reported a little time ago now by – are some impressive examples -Loft extensions, kitchen renovations ; extending into the garden; building into side returns or transforming unused garage space – these are all cost effective really worthwhile options.


Now take a look at this effort, inspired by “gap” houses, it is an example of a home-owner who converted their overgrown garden into a second home with its own stunning, glass-sided, internal courtyard and large living area. Also, check, this conversion of two dreary Seventies garages which has produced a windowless two-storey house that offers plenty of light.

extra space

There’s still more – a family who’s house lacked that much-needed extra space they craved, added a 2000-piece staircase that allowed for an additional two bathrooms and downstairs space. Meanwhile, when one set of neighbours extended out to their gardens and added 20 per cent more space, their neighbours followed suit with their own mirror-image extension.


Scroll through the Homes and Property gallery here:- for ideas on how to improve your own space without having to leave the comfort of your own home


There you go – plenty of food for thought and some great extension examples to see and stimulate your thoughts as you plan your home extension or renovation for the year ahead. Enjoy… and get those mind cogs whirring on your home extension plans

Mint can help you get the extension you want most for your home. Refurbishment, improvement and extension – Mint offers a full development and finishing service to add value to your home and we’ll help with any questions or concerns you have.

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