Our projects

In every instance, Mint operated its usual partnership arrangements with its clients, taking a clear brief of requirement and sourcing appropriate choices of products for selection and, also, guiding and advising to ensure both quality of finish and value for money.


All projects depicted here were achieved within customer imposed completion deadlines and with minimal change of originally presented estimates and budget. Careful informed sourcing of materials achieved modest savings in several instances.

Work continuation

For all these projects, work continuation was achieved in almost every instance and no more than two ‘non working’ days occurred within any project due to supplier timing issues.

Review inspection

Every project on its completion, was subject to the Mint quality review inspection, which takes place with the client. The usual ‘is all well’ telephone call was also made by Mint Building to further check client satisfaction with regards to each completed works, two weeks after leaving the project ‘site’.

…Mint – projects with built-in satisfaction.